Clean eating fast-casual concept experiences revived focus and efficiency from outsourcing with WVC RubixCloud

WVC RubixCloud solution

A flourishing healthy fit concept founded in 2012 struggled to obtain clear and concise financial reporting from previous providers. Mapping errors resulted in reporting challenges which ultimately made comparisons across locations difficult. This left their VP of Operations spending the majority of his time focused on bookkeeping and making sense of the ‘crisscrossed’ data. “We were in trouble as far as our books were concerned. Our first bookkeeper went almost a year telling us everything was fine and we were on track. All I wanted was for someone to be honest with me and tell me what is going on,” said the VP of Operations.

WVC RubixCloud solution

WVC RubixCloud was engaged to clean up and consolidate the existing platform data. They were able to conduct a thorough review of the financial reports, and create a custom chart of accounts to detail the financial data in an easy to understand manner. With an accurate view of income and expenses and the ability to drill down into individual locations, “the platform pulls everything into one place so you can concentrate on pushing your business forward.”


Instead of spending excessive time on ‘cumbersome accounting paperwork,’ the VP of Operations was able to focus his efforts on expanding to new locations and growing the business. “Very simply, it has allowed me to do my job. My staff and my franchisees feel it. I am more accessible and able to stay on task with the items that require my attention. It’s hard to put a price on time. How much is it worth to me to be freed up from this cumbersome paperwork so I can get out in the community and push my company forward? There is no number.”


“I am not a bookkeeper for the company. I am not an accountant for the company. I am the Vice President of Operations and I am now able to do the things along those lines to push the business forward. The WVC Rubixcloud team took “the bull by the horns” and helped us. There is no other way to say it. They really HELPED us.”

– Vice President of Operations

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