In the fast-paced, dynamic world of restaurant accounting, staying at the cutting edge of technology is vital to delivering exceptional services. That’s why, WVC RubixCloud is proud to announce the momentous achievement of our president and CEO, Nicole Menden, who has successfully held the prestigious Restaurant365 Accounting: Core Certificate for over one year. This certification not only demonstrates Nicole’s commitment to excellence but also exemplifies WVC RubixCloud’s dedication to fostering collaboration, developing new skills, and elevating the overall standards in the field of outsourced accounting.

Setting New Standards
One year after obtaining the Restaurant365 Accounting: Core Certificate, Nicole continues to inspire the rest of WVC RubixCloud’s team to push the boundaries of their knowledge and skill sets, ensuring consistent delivery of the firm’s best-in-class accounting services.

Says Nicole, “With this achievement, I aim to set a new standard of excellence within our firm and motivate each one of our team members to actively pursue continued professional development. At WVC RubixCloud, we believe a culture of constant improvement fuels the collective success of both our team and our family of clients.”

A Trustworthy Partner
By taking advantage of Restaurant365’s training programs, such as the Accounting: Core Certificate, WVC RubixCloud has collectively increased its proficiency utilizing the R365 Accounting Module. This ensures restaurant clients receive both accurate financial management and efficient operations, allowing owners and CFOs alike to rest assured their financial data is in capable hands. The firm’s recognition as a certified R365 partner has also helped solidify its position as a preferred choice for outsourced accounting services.

Fostering Collaboration
Beyond individual accomplishments, this certification opens the doors to collaboration and partnership within the restaurant industry. By working with other certified R365 experts, WVC RubixCloud has created a continuous stream of valuable insights into industry trends and best practices.

These collaborative efforts have not only enhanced the firm’s understanding of the unique challenges faced by restaurant owners and their accounting teams but have also empowered the WVCRC team to offer more robust solutions. Working together with industry peers, we’ve contributed to the growth and success of many of the accounting departments which we support.

Empowering Accounting Departments Nationwide
WVC RubixCloud’s achievement in holding R365’s Accounting: Core Certificate for over a year aligns with our firm’s commitment to empower our clients’ accounting departments, rather than replace them. By providing everyone from CFOs to accounting managers with our in-depth knowledge of Restaurant 365’s accounting tools, we allow them to focus on high-level tasks instead of having to learn another software.
Through WVCRC’s partnership with R365, we’ve been able to help our clients streamline their financial processes from bill pay to bank recs, all while providing real-time reporting that enhances their strategic planning decisions.

Again, we would like to recognize the extraordinary accomplishment of our president and CEO, Nicole Menden, who has set a shining example of dedication and excellence. The Accounting: Core Certificate from Restaurant365 signifies not only a personal achievement but also a collective commitment to delivering outstanding accounting services.

President and CEO, Nicole Menden closes with, “WVC RubixCloud remains inspired to raise the bar, to continually learn and grow, and to empower our clients to succeed. As we look ahead, we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and industry expertise. Together, we will continue to redefine the standards of restaurant accounting services, propelling the businesses we serve toward greater success.”