Seamless Accounting and Business Intelligence Solution Increases Financial Visibility and Performance For Growing Hotelier


The business challenge

With a growing portfolio of properties across Ohio, a hotel company owner and his management team attempted to record and analyze the financial data for each location manually. This cumbersome, paper-based process often involved working with disparate management systems which resulted in an inability to compare and contrast locations. To make matters worse, expense tracking and approval were almost impossible without immediate visibility into each property. At the end of the day, the owner was spending more time working “in” his business rather than working “on” how to grow it.

WVC RubixCloud Solution

From the initial meeting with the owner and his team, it was clear there was a need for a uniform accounting and data management solution that would provide a clear and accurate view of each location. By leveraging WVC RubixCloud’s scalable, cloud-based accounting integration with ProfitSword, a hospitality-centric business intelligence platform, a singular source of truth for all data across all properties and departments was established. The solution directly addressed the client’s needs by allowing each of its managed hotels to access its financial information in real-time and providing the owner with the ability to look at the day-to-day performance of each hotel from anywhere, anytime.


Almost immediately, the client experienced increased efficiency and a reduction of costs as managers now had immediate access to real-time key financial data essential for optimizing location performance. The ability to compare one location to another helped identify those doing better at eliminating waste and ensured the use of employees’ time was streamlined. No longer were hours spent compiling data from numerous systems. The new processes saved time and added more oversight overspending. Above all, the seamless integration of data and real-time information has enhanced the decision-making process and ultimately improve profitability and growth for the future.


“The integration between WVC RubixCloud and ProfitSword has been a differentiator for us. We now have a uniform system that provides real-time accounting data that we use to compare our hotels so we can make better business decisions. We no longer have to wait a month for our financial statements, instead, we can view our activity on a daily basis right from our phones and make immediate changes should the need arise. This combined solution has dramatically impacted our organization for the better.”
– Jon Roumaya, Owner Key Hotels