As Director of WVC RubixCloud, I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve financial clarity and efficiency. I take my job personally and enjoy making a positive impact on the financial health of businesses so they can ultimately make quality decisions about their future. The journey to WVC RubixCloud has been a long one, but one that has been the most gratifying in my twenty plus years of accounting experience. Here is my story.

My experience as an accountant started fresh out of college with William Vaughan Company. For the first three or so years, I was the traditional accountant. Submerged in the world of financial statements and tax returns, I did not really enjoy what I was doing. After collaborating on a few consulting engagements, I realized there was a whole new realm of accounting that I needed to be part of. Today that world is the part of CPA firms that is “not the compliance piece”. I helped lead that charge for WVCO.

I started spending my time working as an outsourced CFO for William Vaughan Company. I spent weeks, sometimes months, working for clients to “right” their accounting processes during a transitional period. I really enjoyed my job and it provided me great insight into the multitude of inefficient workarounds created to perform daily accounting and administrative tasks.

I used this knowledge along with my Master of Human Resource Administration to begin performing operations reviews for businesses. An operations review was essentially a walkthrough and documentation of the accounting function, which generated a few tangible products to the client:

• A detailed analysis of the overall function including what was being done in accordance with best practices and what should be modified

• Suggestions on how to incorporate best practices

• For those that engaged, detailed standard operating procedures manual that served as a resource for staff turnover or absence including screen shots and formal written documentation of each step of the task.

I always came away with at least one of, or all the following similar promulgating conditions:

• Those performing the functions were under-qualified, but the business could not afford higher paid, more qualified employees.

• The software being utilized was not the best choice for the Company. As a result, external steps were being utilized to achieve the desired results.

• The data being generated was usually untimely, confusing, and often misstated.

I spent many “public accounting” years helping clients with both the operational and the financial aspects of their business or organization. I provided numerous presentations on business financial reporting and the true meaning of the numbers delivered by internal accountants. I have worked with various software packages and completed countless training sessions. However, I always concluded that the people AND the software, even the million-dollar ERP packages, fell short.

So, what changed? A few years ago, I learned of a new approach to help my clients. I found an innovative tool to help me do what I love the most: solving problems. Welcome to the creation of WVC RubixCloud!

Numbers often present a puzzle, a problem to be solved. They tell a story that needs to be mapped out. I ultimately love designing that map and making the numbers portray the story effortlessly. Using reports, dashboards, performance cards, and KPI’s that mean something and allow the user to see and understand what is really happening to drive the success of their organization is what brings me the most satisfaction.

While you may think WVC RubixCloud is new in town, the reality is, we have been around for over fifty years! I am now able to utilize my vast years of experience and significant resources that come with being part of William Vaughan Company to make businesses work smarter. I can offer those resources and experiences to my clients in manner that provides expertise way beyond the traditional bookkeeper that most organizations already employ. I am proud to be a part of a revolutionary movement towards financial clarity utilizing cloud-based advanced technology. My extensive accounting background combined with the long-lasting reputation of William Vaughan Company has offered WVC RubixCloud the chance to positively impact businesses in a significant way. This is not your ordinary outsourced accounting solution, but rather a game changer for the future of your business.

Jennifer A. Kinzel Signature

Jennifer A. Kinzel, CPA, CMA, MBA

Director, WVC RubixCloud